Robert J.

"Mr. Jeff made everything easy with my car wreck.  Everything was taken care of and at the end of the case I was very, very happy with the result."

Rachel B.

"My family member was diagnosed with mesothelioma.  I asked a friend for a recommendation because I knew her family had been through the same ordeal in the past.  She recommended the Nicholson Law Firm.  I am glad she did.  Jeff was able to resolve the case for my family and make a recovery before my family member passed.  My family member was able to pay off the bills that were bothering her before she passed.  Thank you Jeff."

Tammy J.

"Mr. Nicholson handled my Social Security claim quickly and I got my benefits before I had to attend a hearing. Thank you for doing a great job for me."

Mike D.

"Mr. Nicholson handled my car wreck case for me.  He was quick, professional and got me a big result.  I would recommend my family and friends to him in the future.  He was a real friend when I needed it."

Darryl S.

"I am so excited that I got my Social Security benefits.  I was worried about the hearing process, but Mr. Nicholson did a great job."

Jeffery B.

"It was amazing, I had been denied for my Social Security benefits three times before I called Mr. Nicholson.  As soon as I hired the Nicholson Law Firm, they got me my benefits without a hearing."

Mona G

"Mr. Jeff settled my car wreck case and got me a lot of money."

Eddie A.

"I hired an attorney from an out of state firm to handle my Social Security case.  They did not do anything to help me and I lost the case.  When I refiled my case I hired Mr. Nicholson.  He went in front of the Judge with me and won the case.  I will be calling the Nicholson Law Firm in the future if I ever need an attorney again.  I cannot recommend any other firm as highly as I recommend Jeff." 

Success Stories